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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Hourly

    Perfect for freshmen and sophomores just getting started.
    • Student can choose what specific tasks they want to work on.
    • Also ideal for students seeking college alternatives.
    • **4 Hour Minimum**
  • Best Value

    Jr/Sr Year Package

    18-24 months of college admissions prep and guidance.
    • Timelines, testing, college research, applications and more!
    • **Payment Plan Available**
  • Sr Year Cram Package

    For those students getting a later start on applications.
    • An concentration version of jr/sr year package.
    • **No Payment Plan Available**
  • Soph Year Package

    Time to start talking about college...
    • Academic review and intro to college applications
    • Discussion of financial aid
    • ACT/SAT planning
    • Summer activities
  • Fresh Year Package

    High school planning starts here!
    • Academic review
    • Academic and extracurricular planning
    • Goal setting