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Your Strategic Partner for College and Career Planning

Helping students navigate college applications and career exploration in a low-stress, high accountability consulting relationship.

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School Application

Educational Counseling and Career Exploration

The Path to Success

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process to ensure that the student is growing and developing the skills they need to be successful whether they are starting college or entering the workforce. Students will learn to advocate for themselves, manage their time, stay organized and find activities that align with their goals.

College List Building

Customized List that Focuses on Academic, Financial, Cultural, and Social Fit

My goal is to find a college or university where your student will be happy, healthy, challenged and successful. I spend time getting to know your child and their unique needs, wants, goals, learning style, and a host of other factors in order to build balanced list of schools for each client. The student grows to understand themselves better during this dynamic process.

College Application Guidance

Expert Advising

So much goes into a college application. In some cases, tens of thousands of students are competing for a spot in a freshman class. So what makes an applicant really stand out? What do the best college essays have in common? How do you keep track of all the  application deadlines and supplemental documents that need to be submitted with the student's application? I can help ease the stress that goes along with this process and keep your student on track.

Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Consultation

This is a great way to find out why working with an Independent Educational Consultant can help improve your student's chances of getting into the college of their dreams. Learn about post-high school options if your student is not currently college-bound. Discover what I can offer you today!

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