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June 2, 2022

Summer Is Here!! 

It's time for rest, relaxation, pool days, travel, summer jobs, trips to the beach, hanging out with friends and guess what else?? College Applications!! Yaaaayyyyy!! For all of you seniors out there, I don't wan't to be a buzzkill, but the more you get done this summer, the less you will have to do in the fall, and the more you can enjoy FINALLY being a senior! So what can you get out of the way in the next few months? I'll start with just a few basic things, but check back next week for a new list of tasks.

1. Create a Common App account. While the app itself is not officially open until August 1st, you can go ahead and set up your account and start filling it out. BEWARE: Do not have your teachers upload Letters of Recommendation, don't fill out the Activities section and don't enter your colleges...YET. All of your basic info...demographics and high school coursework, etc. will roll over to the 22-23 app when it opens, but the above mentioned items will disappear. 
2. If you haven't already finalized your college list, work on doing that ASAP. You need 3 Safety Schools...those you will almost definitely get into. You need 3-4 Target or Likely Schools...those should be a great fit in all ways and you should meet or very nearly meet their admission criteria. And lastly, you want 2-3 Reach Schools...ones that are just out of your reach...either academically or financially. (You might also choose a Dream School...which typically  have abysmal acceptance rates and almost NO ONE ever gets into.) Don't put a school on your list unless you would actually go there if you got accepted. It's not worth your time or your effort.
3. Are you happy with your ACT or SAT score? The summer is a great time to study and give it another shot. A lot of colleges and university are still test optional, but if your scores ADD VALUE to your application package, you should most definitely submit them.

I'll stop there. There is a lot you can accomplish, but I will take it slow. Go out there and enjoy your summer, but get some of these tasks out of the way to minimize your stress in the fall. You'll be so glad you did! 


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